of active ISINs across G-Sec, Corporate Bonds, CP, CD,T-Bills, SDL including PTC, derivatives product including OIS, IRF. We are also the preferred valuer for structured products like Market Linked Debentures.

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for analysing, benchmarking and tracking all live mutual fund schemes on a daily basis.

Product Overview

MFI 360

Used by IFAs, RIAs, distributors, wealth managers to address mutual fund research, analysis
and portfolio tracking requirements

Research Module

  • Powered by IAL’s comprehensive database and provides a 360 degree view of the Indian mutual fund industry
  • Provides research and analysis at fund, AMC and industry levels, with reports designed to provide unique and deep insights
  • Useful for fund evaluation, peer comparison, performance assessment and portfolio analysis, including credit assessment of debt-oriented funds
  • Mobile compatible

Tracking Module

  • Offers efficient portfolio management features
  • Automated RTA reverse feed upload from registered email
  • Auto update of transactions
  • AUM reconciliation with differences in portfolios highlighted
  • Single sign-on for managing all investments through a single login- anytime, anywhere
  • Capital Gains Report with Grandfathered Calculation
  • Interactive Dashboards - Wealth Manager Dashboard, RM Dashboard, Agent Dashboard, Investor Dashboard

Customized Research

Based on our deep understanding of the fixed income and mutual fund industry along with our repository of authentic performance data, we prepare customized reports for use by your sales teams and customers.

Fund Profiling

Fund profiles provide basic fund related information which includes investment objective, expense ratio, fund manager, statistical ratios, portfolio, and more. Analysis covers scheme performance based on various qualitative and quantitative parameters.

Newsletters / Out-reach reports

These sectoral reports or newsletters provide industry overview per customized periodicity (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual). Apart from providing the latest updates in textual and numerate formats, thematic reports with infographics for are also prepared for ease of use by investors and sales teams.

Investor education collateral

Provide a wide range of innovative investor education offerings such as presentations on financial literacy; notes and snippets on mutual fund related concepts; engaging and interactive quizzes, crosswords, MCQs; content for social media campaigns, articles, etc.


Provide performance of the fund across different time periods and vis-à-vis benchmark along with statistical ratios, asset allocation, credit quality, instrument allocation, sector concentration, portfolio quants, top companies & sectors, fund manager name, AUM, NAV, load structure, expense ratio, etc. Subscribers use this to compare scheme performance, make informative decision and disseminate to investors use these.

Market Commentary

Provide analysis of select asset class for the period under review. Includes performances of key indices, sector performances, trend analysis, key determinants and any other qualitative or quantitative parameter that is relevant for the analysis.

Factsheets / Product Notes

Provide fund related information which includes performance of the fund across different time periods and vis-à-vis benchmark, portfolio details, fund manager details, investment objective, AUM, NAV, dividend data, exit and entry loads of the funds, expense ratio, statistical ratios and more.

Portfolio analytics toolkit

includes Liquidity Analysis, Probability of Default Analysis, Risk Analysis (Sharpe Ratio), Value-at-Risk Assessment and Sensitivity Analysis of the holding. Based on requirement, in-depth analysis of specified asset classes in the portfolio is also undertaken.

Fund due diligence

We Undertake operational due diligence assignments of mutual funds, alternative investment funds, etc. The analysis is based on the four key parameters of Risk and Compliance; Operations and Processes; Organizational Structure and Financial Stability