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1.1. The Site is owned, managed and operated by ICRA Analytics Limited (“ICRA ANALYTICS”).By using the Site, you agree to follow and be bound by all terms and conditions concerning your use of the Site. Certain sections of the Site and/or services displayed in the Site may have different terms of use posted. If there is a conflict between the Terms of Use and terms of use posted for a specific area of the Site and/or any specific service(s), the latter shall have precedence with respect to your use of that area and/or that section of service of the Site. Any such section of the Site with different Terms of Use shall require you to agree to such Terms of Use by employing the same mechanism as described above and failure to do so shall result in such section of the Site being inaccessible to you.

1.2. Each user will have to separately agree to a Subscription Terms when subscribing to the Site by paying Subscription Fees. Such Subscription Terms shall be read together with and harmoniously to the Terms of Use and in the event of any conflict the Subscription terms shall prevail over the conflicting terms of the Terms of Use. Any trial user shall be bound solely by these Terms of Use and Disclaimers on the Site and will not be subject to the Subscription Terms.

1.3. The Site may undergo periodic update and revision. ICRA ANALYTICS maintains the right to delete or modify information on this Site without prior notice.

1.4. All software programs, reports and content, both historical and future (“Products/Services”) content,including but not limited to any text, article, report, content, images, animations, video, audio and applets, incorporated into the software and in all improvements, enhancements, modifications and derivative works thereof) used on this Site are exclusive proprietary intellectual property of ICRA ANALYTICS except for any third party content.It is herein clarified that ICRA ANALYTICS does not manufacture any index and hence is governed by the terms of use of respective third-party index manufacturers which are subject to change without any prior notice to ICRA ANALYTICS. ICRA ANALYTICS reserves the right to discontinue providing data related to any such index if it is aware of any change in its terms of use, which may restrict ICRA ANALYTICS to share such data in any specified format or medium with the Users.

1.5. All information contained herein is obtained by ICRA ANALYTICS from sources believed by it to be accurate and reliable. However, ICRA ANALYTICS is not liable for guaranteeing the accuracy of such information since the same could be affected by human or mechanical errors or various other factors including errors at the source which are beyond the control of ICRA ANALYTICS to verify. Therefore all information contained herein is provided “AS IS” without warranty of any kind. ICRA ANALYTICS adopts all necessary measures so that the information it uses is of sufficient quality and from sources ICRA ANALYTICS considers to be reliable including, when appropriate, independent third-party sources. However, ICRA ANALYTICS is not an auditor and cannot in every instance independently verify or validate information received in preparing this Site and the products serviced through this Site. Users are therefore further advised to employ due diligence and may on their own try to validate the information before basing any decision on the information provided by ICRA ANALYTICS. ICRA ANALYTICS is by no way liable for the accuracy of the information shared on the Site and consequently for any losses that may be suffered by any User due to any decision made on the basis of such information.

1.6. All information contained herein must be construed solely as statements of opinion, and ICRA ANALYTICS or its affiliates or group companies and its respective and any of its officers, directors, personnel and employees, shall not be liable for or accept any liability for any loss, damage of any nature, including but not limited to direct, indirect, punitive, special, exemplary, consequential, as also any loss of profit in any way arising from the use of this document or its contents in any manner or for any contingency within or beyond the control of, ICRA ANALYTICS or any of its directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, licensors or suppliers, arising directly or indirectly from or in connection with the information contained herein or the use of or inability to use any such information. Opinions expressed in the Site are not the opinions of our holding company, ICRA Limited (ICRA), and should not be construed as any indication of credit rating or grading of ICRA for any instruments that have been issued or are to be issued by any entity. The recipient alone shall be fully responsible and/or are liable for any decision taken on the basis of this document and/or the information contained herein.

1.7. Any information (“Third Party Information”) accessed by the User by accessing any third party website(s) hyperlinked on the Site or any third party API plugged in to/ integrated with the Site, shall be the sole responsibility of such User and such third party and neither ICRA ANALYTICS nor its affiliates, holding or subsidiary or group entities shall be liable in any way for any losses suffered by the Users arising out of decisions made on the basis of such Third Party Information. ICRA ANALYTICS neither confirms nor denies the veracity of such Third Party Information.

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2.1. The Site is strongly committed to your right to privacy and to keeping your personal and financial information secure. To earn your trust and confidence in our commitment, we are fully disclosing our privacy practices which is incorporated by reference into these Terms of Use. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy to understand what types of personally identifiable information we collect and how we use this information.

2.2. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) sets forth the reasonable security practices and procedures adopted by ICRA Analytics Limited (”ICRA ANALYTICS”) and shall apply to the use and disclosure and sharing of sensitive personal data or information (“Personal Identifiable Information” or “PII”) provided by the registered users of the website (“Website”), which is owned and operated by ICRA ANALYTICS. This policy is equally applicable on the visitors to the Website. The Policy outlines the various measures undertaken by ICRA ANALYTICS to provide you with a convenient and safe online/ experience, while maintaining and safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, and security of your PII, during storage and transmission through the World Wide Web. This Policy explains how ICRA ANALYTICS protects PII provided by you through the Website and how ICRA ANALYTICS store and use that information, to deliver the services on the Website.

2.3. This Privacy Policy forms an integral and inseparable part of the Terms of Use and by accessing this Website, you would be expressing and recording your intent to agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and will be deemed to have accepted the protections and measures mentioned herein to be acceptable to you as fair and diligent measures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your Personal Identifiable Information.

2.4. Please read this Policy carefully, it is subject to change at any time and is advised that you review this Policy periodically. Any change to this Policy will become effective as soon as it is posted or linked to the revised Policy on the Website. You shall receive a notification whenever there is a change in our Policy on your registered Email ID and the issuance of the notification shall constitute a fair amendment of the Privacy Policy. If at any time such changes are not agreeable to you, you may terminate your registration with ICRA ANALYTICS. Termination of registration or stopping of further use shall not result in any automatic deletion of your PII already stored with ICRA ANALYTICS and ICRA ANALYTICS takes no responsibility or makes no representation which would imply otherwise. It is therefore, your responsibility to read and assess such changes in the Policy once such notifications have been sent to your registered email ID. Such notifications shall be sent by ICRA ANALYTICS only to registered email Ids of such Users and Subscribers who are active and trial users shall not receive such notifications after the expiry of their trial period unless they have become subscribers by then. Subscribers whose subscriptions of ICRA ANALYTICS have expired and have not since been renewed shall also not receive such notifications and therefore in both these cases, the User shall be responsible for rereading the Terms of Use and Subscription terms ( wherever applicable) before further use of the Site.


3.1. It is acknowledged and admitted by the User that a breach of Terms of Use by the User can cause irreparable damage to ICRA ANALYTICS and such damages may or may not be entirely quantifiable in monetary terms. Therefore in the event of a breach of these Terms of Use by the user, the User acknowledges that ICRA ANALYTICS shall have a prima facie case and a favourable balance of convenience to seek an injunctive relief to stop such continuing breach from a court of competent jurisdiction.

3.2. Moreover a breach of the Terms of Use by any User shall result in immediate termination of its right to use and access the Site and his account or User ID with the Site shall be made inactive. In such an event ICRA ANALYTICS shall have no obligation to provide the user with any prior notice of such termination.


4.1. All disputes arising out of these terms of Use and any Disclaimers on the Site shall be subject to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Delhi.

4.2. For the purposes of this Policy, “ICRA”, “ICRA ANALYTICS”, "we", "us", and "our" means ICRA Analytics Limited and its group companies. A complete list of ICRA group companies can be found on the website.

We collect information from you when you register on our Site, fill out a feedback form or make a product enquiry on our Site. From time to time, the Site may also request other PII to provide you with other benefits of the Services. On all such occasions, you will have the opportunity to provide or to decline to provide such further PII. However, declining to provide such PII sought may result in you not being able to use such specific Service or receive any such upgrade of Service that required such additional PII.

We may use the information collected from you in following ways:

6.1. To personalize your experience and provide content and product offerings that are best suited to your interests;

6.2. To improve our website in order to serve you better;

6.3. To allow us to better respond to your specific service requests;

6.4. To improve our product and service offering(s);

6.5. To improve with better placement of advertisements;

6.6. To overall analyze and understand user behavior by use of data analytics the results of which shall be considered our sole intellectual property and proprietary know-how and shall not by virtue of use of your data for the purpose of such analysis grant any right of ownership of the end product to either you or any of your heirs or assigns or to any other third party.


7.1. The following paragraph briefly describes the mechanisms put in place and practices implemented by ICRA ANALYTICS to protect and maintain integrity and confidentiality of your PII.

7.2. ICRA ANALYTICS shall, at all times, store your PII in its cloud server storage (operated by external vendor). ICRA ANALYTICS ensures that such cloud storage mechanism does not result in storage of your PII in any server outside the territory of the Republic of India.

7.3. Your unique user ID allocated to at the time of registration shall be accorded a confidential code internally in its stored form such that your PII cannot be linked to your USER ID without access to the specific code

7.4. Further all your PII shall be stored in an encrypted form. Your PII is stored in secured networks and only limited number of persons can access your PII. These personnel are conferred special access rights and are required to keep the information confidential. Such persons are themselves bound by stringent standards and contractual terms on their obligations in relation to maintaining the confidentiality of your PII.

7.5. All sensitive/credit information you supply is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology Further, ICRA ANALYTICS shall employ a private key and public key mechanism to maintain the integrity of the encryption. However, in the event of any regulatory inquiry, including court issued warrants or written request from Government agencies supported by warrants, ICRA ANALYTICS shall have no option but to de-encrypt the PII to the extent sought and share the same with such regulator or court or appropriate authority upon receiving specific warrant from such authority issued by a competent Court. In such an event ICRA ANALYTICS shall not be liable in any way for such disclosure and ICRA ANALYTICS shall not be responsible to either inform you or seek your prior approval. ICRA ANALYTICS regularly carries out security audit of its website and server storage mechanisms and any loopholes, bugs found there in are immediately removed and addressed.


8.1. However, any third party API linked to our Site shall be accessed by the Users at their own risk and responsibility and subject to privacy terms of such third party service provider or platform. Any information including PII disclosed to such third parties by the User shall not be the responsibility of the Site and/or ICRA ANALYTICS and shall solely lie with such third party vendor and/or the User.

8.2. 8.2. We may disclose PII if required by any applicable law, or in response to any legal action, to protect the rights or property of the website, or to protect the safety of our users, or others.

Your personal data shall be stored with ICRA ANALYTICS for a pre-determined period after you cease to use or access our Platform as per the internal policies for data storage of ICRA ANALYTICS and the same shall be eventually erased/ purged/removed from ICRA ANALYTICS storage as per relevant applicable policies of ICRA ANALYTICS.

10. Cookie Policy

10.1. Our Site may use cookies. By using our website and agreeing to these terms of use, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of our Privacy policy.

10.2. Help us remember and process the items that you are looking for;

10.3. Understand your preferences based on previous or current site activity, which enables us to provide you with improved services.

10.4. Compile aggregate data about site traffic and site interaction so that we can offer better site experiences and tools in future.

10.5. Understand and save your preferences for future visits.

10.6. You can choose to direct your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can turn off all cookies through your browser settings. Each browser is different, so refer your browser's Help menu to learn the correct way to modify your cookies.

10.7. If you disable cookies you can still visit our site but some features will be disabled. This could affect your site experience and efficiency, and some of our services will not function as desired.

10.8. ICRA ANALYTICS is neither responsible nor liable for any actions or policies of any third parties, and you are expressly advised check the applicable privacy policy of such third party before providing PII to such third parties.


11.1. This Site may contain links to other websites of interest, operated by parties other than ICRA ANALYTICS. Such links are provided for your convenience only. However, once you have used these links to leave our site, you should note that we do not have any control over such third-party websites. Therefore, ICRA ANALYTICS is not responsible for their contents or their practices of information protection and privacy which you may provide while accessing such sites. You are advised to exercise caution and look into the privacy norms and Terms of Use applicable to the website(s) in question. ICRA ANALYTICS’s inclusion of links to such websites does not imply any endorsement of the material on such websites or any association with their operators.

11.2. Any information (“Third Party Information accessed by the User by accessing any third party website hyperlinked on the Site or any third party API plugged in to the Site, shall be the sole responsibility of such User and such third party and neither ICRA ANALYTICS nor its affiliates, holding or subsidiary or Group entities shall be liable in any way for any losses suffered by the Users arising out of decisions made on the basis of such Third Party Information. ICRA ANALYTICS neither confirms nor denies the veracity of such Third Party Information.

11.3. Further since ICRA ANALYTICS nor its group entities, holding or subsidiary entities, directors , officers, personnel are not aware of the privacy practices of such third party websites, ICRA ANALYTICS and all its affiliates and Group entities shall not be responsible for protection of integrity and confidentiality of any information including PII shared by the Users in such websites or in the process of accessing or registering with such websites including any cookies used by such websites on your browsers. By agreeing to these terms of Use, you are expressly waiving any right of yours to claim any damages or otherwise any other legal or equitable remedy against ICRA ANALYTICS, its group entities and affiliates including all its employees and personnel for any loss of data, information, disclosure of information including PII or any other losses (quantified, present, accrued or potential or otherwise) arising directly or indirectly due to your use of such third party links, website or APIs.

No material from the Site may be copied, modified, reproduced, republished, uploaded, transmitted, posted or distributed in any form without prior written permission from ICRA ANALYTICS. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. Unauthorised use of the materials appearing on the Site may violate trademark and other applicable laws, and could result in legal penalties. Users are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to access the Site and avail the services provided by ICRA ANALYTICS on the Site. All information displayed on the Site ( unless expressly cited or credited to be sourced from a third party source) shall be considered to be copyrighted work of ICRA ANALYTICS and any un lawful use or reproduction, distribution, financial exploitation of the same shall be considered to prima facie infringement of ICRA ANALYTICS’s copyright and ICRA ANALYTICS shall have the right to seek all remedies available in law including but not limited to injunctive reliefs against such User in order to best protect its property as well as to mitigate any further irreversible damage.

ICRA ANALYTICS reserves the right to deny in its sole discretion any user access to this Web site or any portion thereof without notice.


14.1. ICRA ANALYTICS reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which this Web site is offered. In the event of any change in terms and conditions (that is any change in the terms of this Terms of Use), ICRA ANALYTICS shall notify you in your registered email ID. Issuance of such notice shall mean valid and complete disclosure and intimation to you and any user agreeing to these terms would be deemed to have agreed to the same inclusive of any and all such future amendments. Your continuing use of the Website subsequent to such notification shall be further considered a complete, well informed and unambiguous acceptance and consent to such changes and amendments. In the event you do not agree to such changes, you may terminate your subscription of the website or stop use of the same.

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Government of India. Users hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts in New Delhi, India, in all disputes arising out of or relating to the use of this Site. Use of this Site is unauthorized in any jurisdiction that does not give effect to all provisions of these terms and conditions, including without limitation this paragraph. Users agree that no joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency relationship exists between them and ICRA ANALYTICS as a result of this agreement or use of this Site. ICRA ANALYTICS's performance of this agreement is subject to existing laws and legal process, and nothing contained in this agreement is in derogation of ICRA ANALYTICS's right to comply with governmental, court and law enforcement requests or requirements relating to your use of this Site or any content or information provided to or gathered by ICRA ANALYTICS with respect to such use. If any part of this agreement is determined to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to applicable law including, but not limited to, the warranty disclaimers and liability limitations set forth above, then the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision and the remainder of the agreement shall continue in effect. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the User and ICRA ANALYTICS with respect to this Web site and it supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral or written, between the user and ICRA ANALYTICS with respect to this Web site. A printed version of this agreement and of any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or relating to this agreement to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form. Fictitious names of companies, products, people, characters and/or data mentioned herein are not intended to represent any real individual, company, product or event. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

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