Ms. Ranjana Agarwal

Independent Director, Chairperson

Ms. Amita Shrivastava

Non- Executive Director, Member

Ms. Sushmita Ghatak

Managing Director & CEO, Member

ICRA Analytics’ CSR Mission

Our Company envisions to make stronger communities and enrich the lives of underprivileged people through its programs that endeavour to:

  • empower underprivileged youths and adults (with special focus on women) with employable skills, create livelihood opportunities for them so that they may contribute to the economic development of the society
  • Promote education
  • Support environment sustainability

It may, however, undertake and support projects/programmes in the other areas as may be recommended by the CSR Committee and approved by the Board of Directors if the same are permissible under Schedule VII of the Act or any other provisions of the Act and the Rules.

Following are the programmes approved by Board of Directors of the Company for FY21-22:

Education Programme- Parivaar
Education Sponsorship Programme

ICRA Analytics has joined hands with Parivaar Education Society, a Kolkata-based NGO ( since 2015, which runs two, free residential education institution for +2000 children from deprived and destitute backgrounds and provides residential living and education to boys and girls from an early age of 5 till their higher education (university level graduation or employability programs). Our annual engagement includes sponsoring a class of 30 residential students (presently, in Grade VIII) to meet their living and education needs, and special projects like building a class-room, setting up a science lab and supporting class-room and residential infrastructure.
Continuing with aforementioned in FY 21-22, we are also extending support to Parivaar strengthening its infrastructure facilities, by supporting them with laptops for students and teachers, to build-up better virtual education system in the pandemic scenario.

Skill Development programme

ICRA Analytics has collaborated with the Anudip Foundation for Social Welfare (Anudip) in its pursuit to empower and help develop skills of the youth in India. DIYA programme is launched with a focus on creating digital-age career opportunities for the underprivileged youth in West Bengal. It is a three-four months’ full-time course focusing on developing the beneficiary’s job skill needs, its curriculum is enriched with educational technologies and customized content creates an immersive professional development program. The programme provides in-depth training to students in IT skills, English language skills, workplace readiness and mock interviews. The graduating students will have access to job placement services across the industry sectors. The course is enabled with various digital platforms like e-learning online/offline modules, access to digital training curriculum such as video and audio presentations.
Through its yearly interventions, till FY 20-21, the programme has benefitted more than 370 youths with approx. 71% being successfully gainfully employed and we are grateful to be part of their success stories. For FY 21-22, the programme is targeting new set of 250 beneficiaries, including women at risk of facing domestic violence.

Skill Development programme- Anudip
Employee volunteering Programme
Employee volunteering Programme

While we partner with external agencies through our various CSR outreach programs, we believe much more is required from each of us. The outreach programs gives our employees a platform to engage in social outreach initiatives and community programs, with a holistic approach to “Citizen Social Responsibility”.
In this pandemic scenario, we continued bridging connect with our partners and beneficiaries through virtual meets.